Payroll Services

Our staff members have bookkeeping and payroll experience ranging from 12 years to 33 years. We can provide all the experience you will need.
Our services include keeping accurate books and records on an ongoing basis. We can also conduct regular payroll for your business, including calculating, processing and annual reporting.

Leaving your bookkeeping and payroll services to us will provide your business with several benefits:

  • Provides consistency of service and reporting. You won’t be caught in the middle when a key staff member leaves your organization.
  • Ensures timely and accurate service, keeping your employees happy and engaged.
  • Saves you from building your own accounting infrastructure.
  • Reduces the staff your business will require.
  • Saves your existing staff time.
  • Eliminates the threat of embezzlement or fraud.
  • Ensures compliance with payroll and taxation regulations.
Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

If you prefer, we can help you establish your own bookkeeping and payroll processes, and can even train your staff.
Call us today to talk about how we can simplify things for your business or organization.

We serve Regina and area with Bookkeeping services.